CW: child abuse/neglect, parent death, mentions of drug/alcohol use, suicide/ideation, etc

Raleigh Leathers is born in Glasgow to a working class Scottish mother and a traveling 'up-and-coming' musician. He's the result of a fling, his father is absent for all of his life, and his mother hates that he reminds her of her failed relationship. In general, she's a bitter, resentful person, and takes it out on Raleigh quite often. Raleigh grows up sheltered and home schooled, which only excarbates his poor relationship with his mother. When she falls ill and eventually dies in the hospital, Raleigh feels disassociated from reality.
Despite being 19, he's got no prospects at home, and packs up to move in with his Aunt Tulip, his mother's sister. His aunt is unsympathetic to his mental illness and tells him he needs to be more useful and get a job or she'll kick him out.